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Blue Eagle

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Blue Eagle

The Blue Eagle, a blue-colored representation of the American thunderbird, with outspread wings, was a symbol used in the United States by companies to show compliance with the National Industrial Recovery Act. It was proclaimed the symbol of industrial recovery on July 20, 1933 by Hugh Samuel Johnson, the head of the National Recovery Administration.

Many sources credit advertising art director Charles T. Coiner with the design. According to a few sources, however, it was sketched by Johnson, based on an idea utilized by the War Industries Board during World War I. The eagle holds a gear, symbolizing industry, in its right talon, and bolts of lightning in its left talon, symbolizing power.

All companies that accepted President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Re-employment Agreement or a special Code of Fair Competition were permitted to display a poster showing the Blue Eagle together with the announcement, "NRA Member. We Do Our Part." Consumers were exhorted to buy products and services only from companies displaying the Blue Eagle banner. According to Johnson,

"When every American housewife understands that the Blue Eagle on everything that she permits into her home is a symbol of its restoration to security, may God have mercy on the man or group of men who attempt to trifle with this bird."

On September 5, 1935, following the invalidation of the compulsory code system, the emblem was abolished and its future use as a symbol was prohibited.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1933, DeBenneville "Bert" Bell formed a new National Football League franchise to replace the defunct Frankford Yellow Jackets, naming this team the Eagles in recognition of the NRA (a name the team retains to the present).

Ateneo Blue Eagles - Sports Traditions
... Cheering The Blue Babble Battalion Ateneo was the first school to field an organized cheering squad in the Philippines ... the Ateneo gallery shouting spontaneous encouragements to the Blue and White team or heckling the opponents ... The name Blue Babble Battalion came much later ...
Ateneo De Manila University - Athletics - Mascot: The Blue Eagle
... By the 1930s, the Ateneo adopted Blue Eagle as a symbol, and had a live eagle accompany the basketball team ... The choice of the color blue is based on the Ateneo's colors ... The choice of an eagle is a reference to the "high-flying" basketball team which would "sweep the fields away" as a dominating force ...
Acee Blue Eagle - Art Career
... In 1935, Blue Eagle was invited to give a series of lectures on American Indian art at Oxford University in England, and he took Europe by storm ... Blue Eagle gained worldwide fame during his lifetime, and his two-dimensional paintings hang in private and public galleries all over the world ... Blue Eagle's large interior murals in the U.S ...

Famous quotes containing the words eagle and/or blue:

    O thou undaunted daughter of desires!
    By all thy dower of lights and fires;
    By all the eagle in thee, all the dove;
    By all thy lives and deaths of love;
    By thy large draughts of intellectual day,
    And by thy thirsts of love more large then they;
    By all thy brim-fill’d Bowls of fierce desire,
    By thy last Morning’s draught of liquid fire;
    By the full kingdom of that final kiss
    That seiz’d thy parting Soul, and seal’d thee his;
    Richard Crashaw (1613?–1649)

    But now Miss America, World’s champion woman, you take your promenading self down into the cobalt blue waters of the Caribbean and see what happens. You meet a lot of darkish men who make vociferous love to you, but otherwise pay you no mid.
    Zora Neale Hurston (1891–1960)