African Economic Community - Goals - Stages Progress

Stages Progress

  • Stage 1: Completed, only Arab Maghreb Union members and Sahrawi Republic not participating. Somalia is participating, but no practical implementation as of yet.
  • Stage 2: Steady progress, nothing factual to check.
  • Stage 3:
Regional blocs - pillars of the African Economic Community (AEC)
CEMAC Common UEMOA WAMZ Common SACU Common
Free Trade Area stalled progressing fully in force fully in force proposed for 2007 ? fully in force proposed stalled fully in force progressing stalled
Customs Union stalled proposed for 2008 fully in force fully in force proposed for 2011 ? fully in force proposed for 2007 stalled fully in force proposed for 2010 stalled

  • Stage 4: no progress yet
  • Stage 5: no progress yet
  • Stage 6: no progress yet

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