Afloat Training Group

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... Commander, Expeditionary Strike Group 7 (COMEXSTRGRU SEVEN) Commander, Amphibious Squadron 11 (COMPHIBRON ELEVEN) Commander, Mine Countermeasures ...
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Famous quotes containing the words group, afloat and/or training:

    Once it was a boat, quite wooden
    and with no business, no salt water under it
    and in need of some paint. It was no more
    than a group of boards. But you hoisted her, rigged her.
    She’s been elected.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    My position is a naturalistic one; I see philosophy not as an a priori propaedeutic or groundwork for science, but as continuous with science. I see philosophy and science as in the same boat—a boat which, to revert to Neurath’s figure as I so often do, we can rebuild only at sea while staying afloat in it. There is no external vantage point, no first philosophy.
    Willard Van Orman Quine (b. 1908)

    At present I feel like a caged animal, bound up by the luxury, comfort and respectability of my position. I can’t get the training that I want without neglecting my duty.
    Beatrice Potter Webb (1858–1943)