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Online Advertising - Revenue Models
... Mille) or CPT (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) is when advertisers pay for exposure of their message to a specific audience ... CPV (Cost Per Visitor) is when advertisers pay for the delivery of a Targeted Visitor to the advertisers website ... CPV (Cost Per View) is when advertisers pay for each unique user view of an advertisement or website (usually used with pop-ups, pop-unders and interstitial ads) ...
Performance-based Advertising - Pricing Models
... CPM (Cost-per-Mille, or Cost-per-Thousand) Pricing Models charge advertisers for impressions, i.e ... The problem with CPM advertising is that advertisers are charged even if the target audience does not click on the advertisement ... CPC (Cost-per-Click) advertising overcomes this problem by charging advertisers only when the consumer clicks on the advertisement ...

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