Adolfo Camarillo - Current Events At The Camarillo Ranch House

Current Events At The Camarillo Ranch House

The Camarillo Ranch House has been open to the public since 2001. The 4.5 acre site consists of five event venues including the mansion, the main lawn with its historic trees, the spacious barn, the east garden, including a wedding gazebo in the west garden with the large foundation and rose covered arch. Currently it is the host many public and private events each year including guided tours weekly. The home itself can accommodate up to 125 guests seated comfortably and has additional room for up to 165 guests for stand up cocktails. According to Michael Lavenant a board member from 2001-2011, the site rentals include weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate events, etc. and among many of the events that are hosted here each year, weddings are the biggest source of income to the Ranch. The restored Barn located on the ranch is also host to many events, for example, on May 20, 2010 Meg Whitman came to the Camarillo Ranch house for a campaigning event to discuss immigration and education. The Ranch hosts hundreds of events every year, including two major fund raisers for the house, the Candle light Gala and the October fest car show.

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