Admiral (Australia) - Rank Insignia and Personal Flag

Rank Insignia and Personal Flag

The current ranks are Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Admiral and Admiral of the Fleet, also known as flag ranks because admirals, known as Flag Officers, are entitled to fly a personal flag. An Admiral of the Fleet flies a national flag at the masthead, while an Admiral flies a St George's cross (red cross on white). Vice Admirals and Rear Admirals fly a St George’s cross with one or two red discs in the hoist, respectively. These command flags are exactly the same as in the Royal Navy, except for the Admiral of the Fleet, who flies the Union Flag.

The rank of admiral itself is shown in its sleeve lace by a broad band with three narrower bands. Since the mid-1990s, the insignia of a Royal Australian Navy Admiral is the crown of St. Edward above a crossed sword and baton, above four silver stars, above the word AUSTRALIA. Note that unlike other Commonwealth countries, the sword has a closed handle(that is, it is a naval cutlass). The stars have eight points, like the Royal Navy insignia (and unlike the four pointed Order of the Bath stars used by the army.)

Prior to 1995, the RAN shoulder board was identical to the UK shoulder board. (The UK shoulder board changed in 2001.)

  • Sleeve lace

  • Shoulder board

  • Shoulder board prior to 1995

  • World War II admiral's shoulder board

  • Command flag for Admiral

  • Command flag for Vice Admiral

  • Command flag for Rear Admiral

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