Admiral (Australia)

Admiral (Australia)

Admiral (ADML) is the highest active rank of the Royal Australian Navy and was created as a direct equivalent of the British Navy rank of Admiral. It is a four-star rank. Since World War II, in general, the only time the rank is held is when the Chief of the Defence Force is a Navy officer.

Admiral is a higher rank than Vice Admiral, but is a lower rank than Admiral of the Fleet. Admiral is the equivalent of Air Chief Marshal in the Royal Australian Air Force and General in the Australian Army.

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Admiral (Australia) - Rank Insignia and Personal Flag
... The current ranks are Rear Admiral Vice Admiral Admiraland Admiralof the Fleet, also known as flag ranks because admirals known as Flag Officers, are entitled to fly a ... An Admiralof the Fleet flies a national flag at the masthead, while an Admiralflies a St George's cross (red cross on white) ... Vice Admiralsand Rear Admiralsfly a St George’s cross with one or two red discs in the hoist, respectively ...

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