Additive Measure

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Semiotic Information Theory - Information and Signs
... In a sense, the degree of this node, in this case n = 5, measures the uncertainty that we have at this point ... to use the degree of the node as a measure of uncertainty, but it would operate as a multiplicative measure rather than the sort of additive measure that we would normally prefer ... To convert this to an additive measure, one simply takes the logarithms to a convenient base, say 2, and thus arrives at the not too astounding fact that the uncertainty of ...
Banach–Tarski Paradox - The Von Neumann Paradox in The Euclidean Plane
... E(2) of Euclidean motions of the plane is solvable, which implies the existence of a finitely-additive measure on E(2) and R2 which is invariant under ... Infolgedessen gibt es bereits in der Ebene kein nichtnegatives additives Maß (wo das Einheitsquadrat das Maß 1 hat), dass gegenüber allen ... The Banach measure of sets in the plane, which is preserved by translations and rotations, is not preserved by non-isometric transformations even when they do ...

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    From whatever you wish to know and measure you must take your leave, at least for a time. Only when you have left the town can you see how high its towers rise above the houses.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)