Additional Reasonable Steps

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Jones V. Flowers - Opinion of The Court - Roberts' Majority Opinion - Additional Reasonable Steps
... The Court proceeded to analyze whether there were additional reasonable steps that the State could have practicably taken to notify Jones of the tax sale ... Court believed that resending the notice by regular mail would have been a reasonable step, given that the return of the certified letter meant either that Jones was not home when the postman called, or that he ... door of the home or addressed the mail to "occupant," which are steps that most states require in their tax sale statutes ...

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    The process of education in the oldest profession in the world is like any other educational process, in that it requires time and effort and patience; it can only be acquired by taking one step at a time, though the steps become accelerated after the first few.
    Madeleine [Blair], U.S. prostitute and “madam.” Madeleine, ch. 4 (1919)

    When I turned into a parent, I experienced a real and total personality change that slowly shifted back to the “normal” me, yet has not completely vanished. I believe the two levels are now superimposed, with an additional sprinkling of mortality intimations.
    Sonia Taitz (20th century)

    There is also a reasonable tolerance: reason tolerates the reasonable. It is, however, almost tautological to call this ‘tolerance’ any longer, as it becomes a matter of course.
    Friedrich Dürrenmatt (1921–1990)