Active Tilt

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Tilting Train
... In a curve to the left the train tilts to the left to compensate for the g-force push to the right, and vice versa ... The train may be constructed such that inertial forces cause the tilting (passive tilt), or it may have a computer-controlled power mechanism (active tilt) ... to 1985) was the first to successfully implement active tilt increasing speeds significantly on tight rail curves ...
Tilting Trains - History - Advanced Passenger Train
... It was the pioneer of the active tilt to negotiate tight curves at higher speeds than previous passive tilting trains ... experimented with aluminium bodies, turbines, new suspension and bogies and active tilt to negotiate the British rail network at speed, developing the Advanced Passenger Train ... Tilting trains were not new and used passive tilt, however, which was uncommon and not widely implemented ...
LRC (train) - History - Active Tilt - Designing The Suspension
... The tilt mechanism was developed by SPAR Aerospace and Sperry Rand Canada ... was in the middle of the car body, instead of the top (like the Turbo) or bottom (like most tilt systems) ...

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