Active Load

Active Load

An active or dynamic load is a component or a circuit behaving as a current-stable nonlinear resistor. This term may refer to a component of a circuit design, or to a type of test equipment.

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Active Load - Test Equipment
... In the area of electronic test equipment, an active load is used for automatic testing of power supplies and other sources of electrical power to ensure that their ... One approach to test loads uses a set of resistors of different values, and manual intervention ... In contrast, an active load presents to the source a resistance value varied by electronic control, either by an analogue adjusting device such as a multi-turn ...
Vuze Release History
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Common Base - Low-frequency Characteristics - Active Loads
... in this amplifier is tied to its voltage gain when a resistor load RC is employed, as in Figure 1 ... To avoid this situation, an active load can be used, for example, a current mirror ... by the small-signal output resistance of the active load, which is generally at least as large as the rO of the active transistor in Figure 1 ...

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