Actinoform Clouds

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Actinoform Cloud
... An actinoform or actiniform cloud is a collection of marine low clouds that takes a distinct shape ... Actinoform clouds can spread out over 300 kilometers (190 mi) across and thus cannot be easily seen with the naked eye ... In addition, actinoform clouds can form "trains" that are up to six times the length of the original cloud field, yet they maintain their own, distinct identity ...
June Gloom - Actinoform Clouds and Drizzle Prediction
... Researchers have discovered that the cloud fields forming June Gloom and related phenomena from other west-coast marine-influenced climates are excellent places ... These clouds have been found to be present more often than expected in common stratocumulus layers ... These clouds are persistent year-round off the coast, but are only drawn inland during June Gloom events and related phenomena elsewhere in the world ...

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