Acta Oncologica

Acta Oncologica is the official journal of the five Nordic oncological societies. The members of the editorial committee represent these societies.

Acta Oncologica is a scientific medical journal within clinical oncology and related disciplines. It accepts articles within all fields of clinical cancer research from applied basic research to cancer nursing and psychological aspects of cancer. Articles on tumour pathology, experimental oncology and biology, cancer epidemiology and medical radiophysics are welcomed if they have a clinical aim or interest. Besides submitted specific articles, review articles are published regularly. Special material may also be published as supplements.

It is published by Informa Healthcare.

Manuscripts should be submitted via the online service Manuscript Central:

Editor-in-Chief Bengt Glimelius - Uppsala, Sweden

Editors Olav Dahl, Bergen, Norway Timo Hakulinen, Helsinki, Finland Roger Henriksson, UmeƄ Sweden Heikki Joensuu, Helsinki, Finland Christoph Johansen, Copenhagen, Denmark Jens Overgaard, Aarhus, Denmark