Acidophile - List of Acidophilic Organisms

List of Acidophilic Organisms

A partial list of these organisms include:

  • Sulfolobales, an order in the Crenarchaeota branch of Archaea
  • Thermoplasmatales, an order in the Euryarchaeota branch of Archaea
  • ARMAN, in the Euryarchaeota branch of Archaea
  • Acidianus brierleyi, A. infernus, facultatively anaerobic thermoacidophilic archaebacteria
  • Metallosphaera sedula, thermoacidophilic
  • Acidobacterium, a phylum of Bacteria
  • Acidithiobacillales, an order of Proteobacteria e.g. A.ferrooxidans, A. thiooxidans
  • Thiobacillus prosperus, T. acidophilus, T. organovorus, T. cuprinus
  • Acetobacter aceti, a bacterium that produces acetic acid (vinegar) from the oxidation of ethanol.
  • Alicyclobacillus, a genus of bacteria that can contaminate fruit juices.

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