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The free-floating, heavy, stainless steel barrels (stainless steel barrels resist throat erosion better than normal barrels) for the available cartridge chamberings all have a different length, groove cutting and rifling twist rate optimized for their respective chambering and intended ammunition. For the .243 Winchester chambering barrels the twist rate is 254 mm (1 in 10 in) and for .308 Winchester/7.62x51mm NATO chambering barrel variants the twist rate is 305 mm (1 in 12 in) excepted for the suppressed barrel variant. If the consistent accuracy requirement of an operator is no longer met the barrel can fairly easily be renewed. This is normal practice for active high performance precision rifle operators, who regard barrels as expendable items. The barrels are provided by the Australian Madco Arms (button rifled), and the Scottisch company Border Barrels, who cut-rifles them on genuine Pratt & Whitney rifling benches. Twists are one turn in 10,11,12,13 and 14 inches for 7.62 MM depending on RFP.

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