Access (group)

Access (group)

Access (also known as AXS) is a Japanese pop group. Its members are Daisuke Asakura and Hiroyuki Takami. Asakura is the primary composer/producer and featured keyboardist while Takami is the vocalist. Takami also writes a major portion of access' lyrics. access is currently signed under Darwin Records, Asakura's private label. The name "access" is stylized in lowercase letters.

access was formed in 1991 after Hiroyuki Takami performed in some of Daisuke Asakura's solo work as a guest vocalist. The unit's career officially began in 1992. The duo went on to record three albums and attain significant popularity before announcing their breakup in 1995 for ambiguous reasons. In 2002, however, they reunited with much fanfare, and have remained active since.

"AXS" is their written nickname. While spelt "AXS", it is actually not an "X" but two inwardly-turned arrows ("A-><-S"). The nickname was coined by Takami. It first appeared on the group's debut album "Fast Access" on the last page of the lyrics book. "AXS" replaced the group's name on their third single "Naked Desire." The logo has many variations depending on its use. There is only one album that has "AXS" credited as the group's name: "AXS Remix Best Tracks." In all of their albums from 1993-1995 song production was credited as "songs by AXS." Before their reunion in 2002, the logo and nickname have not been used, except as credits for remixed songs on the album and tour DVDs of "Crossbridge." In 2006, for the "blanc and rouge" tour, "AXS" reappeared in the tour logo interwoven in the design of a coat of arms.

In 2007, after the Virginia Tech massacre, access produced the song "Shadow over the world" in dedication to the memory of the victims. The song was released on the album "binary engine" and had its live debut during their summer tour of that same year.

Recently access has become known for performing the opening theme for Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion STAGES 24 & 25, "Hitomi no Tsubasa", and doing the third opening theme for D.Gray-Man, "Doubt & Trust" (2007). In July, 2008, their single "Dream Runner" was featured as the opening theme of the TV drama series, Here is Greenwood. In 2009, access was indirectly featured in a musical rendition of Goodbye Charlie with Takami portraying one of the lead roles and Asakura having composed and directed the music. Their newest single, "Bet~追憶のRoulette~", will be featured as an ending theme for FujiTV's series "Sukimono" from 7/30/12 - 8/27/12. access was also featured in FUJI TV's event live, "FNSうたの夏まつり" ("FNS Summer Festival of Song" - 8/8/12) doing a cover of TM Network's song, "Be Together", with Tetsuya Komuro.

As of 2012, access celebrates their 20th anniversary.

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