Academy Award For Best Sound - 1970s


  • 1970: Patton - Douglas Williams, Don Bassman
    • Airport - Ronald Pierce and David H. Moriarty
    • Ryan's Daughter - Gordon McCallum and John Bramall
    • Tora! Tora! Tora! - Murray Spivack and Herman Lewis
    • Woodstock - Dan Wallin and L. A. Johnson
  • 1971: Fiddler on the Roof - Gordon McCallum, David Hildyard
    • Diamonds Are Forever - Gordon K. McCallum, John W. Mitchell and Al Overton
    • The French Connection - Theodore Soderberg and Christopher Newman
    • Kotch - Richard Portman and Jack Solomon
    • Mary, Queen of Scots - Bob Jones and John Aldred
  • 1972: Cabaret - Robert Knudson, David Hildyard
    • Butterflies Are Free - Arthur Piantadosi and Charles T. Knight
    • The Candidate - Richard Portman and Gene Cantamessa
    • The Godfather - Charles Grenzbach, Richard Portman and Christopher Newman
    • The Poseidon Adventure - Theodore Soderberg and Herman Lewis
  • 1973: The Exorcist - Robert Knudson, Chris Newman
    • The Day of the Dolphin - Richard Portman and Larry Jost
    • The Paper Chase - Donald O. Mitchell and Larry Jost
    • Paper Moon - Richard Portman and Les Fresholtz
    • The Sting - Ronald Pierce and Robert R. Bertrand
  • 1974: Earthquake - Ronald Pierce, Melvin Metcalfe, Sr.
    • Chinatown - Charles Grenzbach and Larry Jost
    • The Conversation - Walter Murch and Art Rochester
    • The Towering Inferno - Theodore Soderberg and Herman Lewis
    • Young Frankenstein - Richard Portman and Gene Cantamessa
  • 1975: Jaws - Robert Hoyt, Roger Heman, Earl Madery, John Carter
    • Bite the Bullet - Arthur Piantadosi, Les Fresholtz, Richard Tyler and Al Overton, Jr.
    • Funny Lady - Richard Portman, Don MacDougall, Curly Thirlwell, Jack Solomon
    • The Hindenburg - Leonard Peterson, John A. Bolger, Jr., John L. Mack and Don Sharpless
    • The Wind and the Lion - Harry W. Tetrick, Aaron Rochin, William McCaughey and Roy Charman
  • 1976: All the President's Men - Arthur Piantadosi, Les Fresholtz, Dick Alexander, Jim Webb
    • King Kong - Harry W. Tetrick, William McCaughey, Aaron Rochin and Jack Solomon
    • Rocky - Harry W. Tetrick, William McCaughey, Lyle J. Burbridge and Bud Alper
    • Silver Streak - Donald O. Mitchell, Douglas O. Williams, Richard Tyler and Harold M. Etherington
    • A Star Is Born - Robert Knudson, Dan Wallin, Robert Glass and Tom Overton
  • 1977: Star Wars - Don MacDougall, Ray West, Bob Minkler, Derek Ball
    • Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Robert Knudson, Robert Glass, Don MacDougall and Gene Cantamessa
    • The Deep - Walter Goss, Dick Alexander, Tom Beckert and Robin Gregory
    • Sorcerer - Robert Knudson, Robert Glass, Richard Tyler and Jean-Louis Ducarme
    • The Turning Point - Theodore Soderberg, Paul Wells, Douglas O. Williams and Jerry Jost
  • 1978: The Deer Hunter - Richard Portman, William McCaughey, Aaron Rochin, Darin Knight
    • The Buddy Holly Story - Tex Rudloff, Joel Fein, Curly Thirlwell and Willie D. Burton
    • Days of Heaven - John Wilkinson, Robert W. Glass, Jr., John T. Reitz and Barry Thomas
    • Hooper - Robert Knudson, Robert Glass, Don MacDougall and Jack Solomon
    • Superman - Gordon K. McCallum, Graham V. Hartstone, Nicolas Le Messurier and Roy Charman
  • 1979: Apocalypse Now - Walter Murch, Mark Berger, Richard Beggs, Nat Boxer
    • The Electric Horseman - Arthur Piantadosi, Les Fresholtz, Michael Minkler and Al Overton, Jr.
    • Meteor - William McCaughey, Aaron Rochin, Michael J. Kohut and Jack Solomon
    • 1941 - Robert Knudson, Robert Glass, Don MacDougall and Gene Cantamessa
    • The Rose - Theodore Soderberg, Douglas O. Williams, Paul Wells and Jim Webb

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