Academic Studies of The Political Groups of The European Parliament - Results - Group Positions

Group Positions

Table 2 of a 2005 discussion paper from the Institute for International Integration Studies by Gail McElroy and Kenneth Benoit analysed the group positions between April and June 2004, at the end of the Fifth Parliament and immediately before the 2004 elections. The results are given below, with 0% = extremely against, 100% = extremely for (except for the left-right spectrum, where 0% = extremely left-wing, 100% = extremely right-wing)

Group positions (end of Fifth Parliament)
Group Issue on which position was analysed
Left-Right Tax Deeper Europe Federal Europe Deregulation Common Foreign and Security Policy Fortress Europe (immigration) Green issues Homosexual equality, abortion, euthanasia
EUL/NGL 18.0% 75.5% 52.5% 46.0% 20.0% 39.0% 30.5% 65.5% 78.5%
G/EFA 25.5% 71.5% 63.5% 58.0% 33.5% 44.0% 32.5% 85.5% 80.0%
PES 37.0% 68.0% 68.5% 69.5% 37.0% 71.5% 36.5% 57.0% 72.0%
ELDR 59.0% 34.5% 62.5% 68.5% 71.0% 68.5% 37.0% 45.5% 78.0%
EPP-ED 63.0% 33.0% 63.0% 63.0% 67.5% 70.0% 60.0% 39.5% 30.5%
UEN 82.5% 30.5% 11.5% 17.0% 65.0% 16.0% 87.5% 36.0% 24.5%
EDD 85.5% 29.5% 5.5% 5.5% 73.0% 7.5% 87.5% 35.5% 24.5%

EUL/NGL and G/EFA were the most left-wing groups, UEN and EDD the most right-wing, and that was mirrored in their attitudes towards taxation, homosexual equality, abortion, euthanasia and controlling migration into the EU. The groups fell into two distinct camps regarding further development of EU authority, with UEN and EDD definitely against and the rest broadly in favor. Opinion was wider on the CFSP, with only PES, ELDR and EPP-ED in favor and the others against. Unsurprisingly, G/EFA was far more in favor of Green issues compared to the other groups.

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