Academic Senate

An Academic Senate is a governing body in some universities and colleges, and is typically the supreme academic authority for the institution.

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Johannes Kepler University Of Linz - Organization - Management
... The university Rector and Academic Senate are responsible for the university's management ... that advises and counsels the Rector and Academic Senate on management issues ... At present, Ferdinand Kerschner is head of the Academic Senate and Ludwig Scharinger is head of the University Council ...
Sonoma State University - Student Life - Campus Life - Associated Students, Inc.
... The ASI Senate is the student government and board of directors of the corporation ... held a protest in March 2006 when the Academic Senate refused to allow them a vote on academic senate agenda items, many of which directly affect the education of SSU students ... The academic senate never officially recognized the protest and continue to deny an official vote to ASI though their unofficial opinions and positions are taken into loose ...
Governance Of The University Of St Andrews - Academic Senate
... The Senatus Academicus is the supreme academic body under the presidency of the University Principal ... Another function of the Senate is the discipline of students ... Under the Sponsio Academica the Senate has the power to expel a student should they bring the University into disrepute ...
Academic Senate - United States
... Higher education in the United States In the United States of America the Academic Senate, also known as the Faculty Senate, is a governing body for a university made up of ... Individual faculty or academic departments such as the Department of Biology or units such as the library may select representatives for the Academic Senate ... The Academic Senate normally creates university academic policy that applies to the university ...
Aleksandër Moisiu University - Governing Bodies - Academic Senate
... Academic Senate of Aleksandër Moisiu University is an collegial decision-making body, elected by the university ... Composition of the Academic Senate Mit'hat Mema - Chairman of the Senate Ulpian Hoti - Chancellor Elmas Leci - Faculty of Political Sciences and Law Arif Murrja - Faculty of Business ...

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    Like Cato, give his little Senate laws,
    And sit attentive to his own applause.
    Alexander Pope (1688–1744)

    Short of a wholesale reform of college athletics—a complete breakdown of the whole system that is now focused on money and power—the women’s programs are just as doomed as the men’s are to move further and further away from the academic mission of their colleges.... We have to decide if that’s the kind of success for women’s sports that we want.
    Christine H. B. Grant, U.S. university athletic director. As quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education, p. A42 (May 12, 1993)