Abstract Labour and Concrete Labour

Abstract labour and concrete labour refer to a distinction made by Karl Marx in his critique of political economy.

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Abstract Labour And Concrete Labour - Recent Discussion
2010), John Holloway (sociologist) considers abstract labour as the most radical foundational category of Marx's theory, and therefore he recommends the struggle against ...

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    Love wants to be confirmed with concrete symbols, but recklessness loves instability.
    Franz Grillparzer (1791–1872)

    But the abstract conception
    Of private experience at its greatest intensity
    Becoming universal, which we call “poetry,”
    May be affirmed in verse.
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)

    When he painted a road, the roadmakers were there in his imagination. When he painted the turned earth of a ploughed field, the gesture of the blade turning the earth was included in his own act. Wherever he looked he saw the labour of existence; and this labour, recognized as such, was what constituted reality for him.
    John Berger (b. 1926)