Abdominal Muscles

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Lumbar Plexus - Branches
... Lateral to this muscle, it pierces the transversus abdominis to run above the iliac crest between that muscle and abdominal internal oblique ... It gives off several motor branches to these muscles and a sensory branch to the skin of the lateral hip ... to the inguinal ligament to exit the aponeurosis of the abdominal external oblique above the external inguinal ring where it supplies the skin above the inguinal ligament (i.e ...
Breathing - Mechanics
... to the contraction and flattening of the diaphragm, a domed muscle that separates thorax and abdomen ... When need increases the abdominal muscles resist expansion ... The increased abdominal pressure then tilts the diaphragm and ribcage upwards with an increase in volume and the entry of air ...
Equine Conformation - Conformation of The Body - Ribcage and Flanks
... friction and rubs on back or cause sore back muscles ... efficiency Ample area of attachment of shoulder, leg and neck muscles, enabling a large range of motion for muscular contraction and speed of stride ... There is sufficient room for developing strong loin muscles while still having short loin distance between last rib and point of hip (close coupling) ...
Bodyweight Exercise - List of Exercises
... that can be performed to make the exercise more or less challenging, or to train different muscles ... Name Muscle groups Description Press-up / Push-up Chest, triceps, shoulders In a prone position, the body is raised and lowered using the arms while the back remains straight and the toes remain on the ... Plank Core (abdominals, back and shoulders) Lying on the stomach and lifting the body by keeping the toes and forearms on the ground ...

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