A Moron in A Hurry

"A moron in a hurry" is a hypothetical person against whom a claimant's concern might be judged in an English law civil action for passing off or trademark infringement. The expression is used to reject a claim that two items could reasonably be confused by a passer-by (i.e. that even a moron in a hurry would notice the difference), on the grounds that the items are so different that the goodwill and brand of the claimant's item cannot genuinely be affected by the existence of the other.

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A Moron In A Hurry - Case Law
... would find that the two papers are so different in every way that only a moron in a hurry would be misled ... A short time later, in Mattel, the Supreme Court of Canada moved away from the "moron in a hurry" analysis, adopting in its place consideration of the “ordinary hurried purchasers”, a standard between ... Randazza cited "a moron in a hurry" as a defense in Beck v ...

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