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K, whose real name is Kkutaeh, is a Korean girl who is brought with her sister as kind of slave-prostitute (comfort woman) to the camp in which Hata works as medical officer. At home she has two more sisters and one brother.

She is, like all the other girls, placed under Hata's care. Her sister is executed and the officers plan to execute K as well. The reason they named for this are that she had an infection and a disease. Before this, they isolated her from the other girls because she was said to be dangerous for the others. So, she spends a lot of time with Hata. Hata treats her differently to the other girls. It becomes obvious that he falls in love with her. Therefore, she asks him to kill (to shoot) her, but he refuses to do so and he leaves her to a more terrible death, by being raped and killed afterwards by many soldiers.

She has the biggest problem with Captain Ono, for example she smudges blood around her private area to make him think that she is menstruating. Her hate goes so far that she plans either to kill herself or to kill Captain Ono and succeeds in the end, although she suffers a terrible death.

The love of Hata towards K seems one sided, for she is not responding to his attempts and seems not to be interested in him or in a relationship anyway. She does not talk very much with him, when they have sexual contact, it seems that it is like a rape for her and at the end when she wants him to kill her so that he could not get into trouble, it seems that she does this only to escape the pain she is suffering in the camp.

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