A5 Pod

A5 Pod is a name given to a group of orcas (Orcinus orca) found off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. It is part of the northern resident population of orcas - a name given to the fish-eating orcas found in coastal waters ranging from mid-Vancouver Island up through the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia and into the southeastern portions of Alaska. The orcas of the northern resident community are divided into vocally distinctive clans known as the A clan, the G clan, and the R clan. Members of the A5 Pod belong to the A clan. As of November 2011, A5 Pod consists of 13 members.

Over time, studies showed that these congregations of orcas did not make up a complete, distinctive pod. Rather, they were matrilines - a mother and her offspring up to the fourth generation. However, matrilines within a pod frequently socialize with one another, more so than with orcas from another pod - thus still making up a distinct community, and so perpetuating the use of the pod naming.

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A5 Pod - Current Population
... Currently, the A5 Pod consists of 3 matrilines and 13 whales ... Notably, every whale currently alive in A5 Pod was born during the study, and therefore all of their lineage is known positively ...