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826 National is an umbrella organization that works toward duplicating the successful 826 Valencia program in youth writing centers across the country. 826NYC (in Park Slope, Brooklyn) opened in September 2004, 826LA (in Venice, CA), 826 Seattle, and 826 Chicago opened in 2005, and 826 Boston opened in 2007. 826 National's current CEO is educator Nínive Calegari.

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Dave Eggers - 826 National
... Nínive Clements Calegari co-founded 826 Valencia, a nonprofit writing and tutoring center for kids ages 6–18 in San Francisco ... and Boston, all under the auspices of the nonprofit organization 826 National ... In accordance with Eggers's wishes, the award money was given to 826 National and The Teacher Salary Project ...
826 National - 826 Publications
... 826 publishes a vast amount of student writing, in genres ranging from journalism to cartooning ... The book, released by 826 Valencia, features a foreword by author Joe Loya ... In Our Hood 52 Short Plays You Can Perform In Any Place is 826 Seattle's third collaboration with Hamilton International Middle School and writing workshop students ...

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