74th Motor Rifle Brigade

The 74th Motor Rifle Brigade is a military formation of the Russian Ground Forces's 41st Army, part of Eastern Military District, stationed in Yurga, Kemerovo Oblast, Russia.

The 74th Motor Rifle Brigade was created from the disbanded 94th Guards Zvenigorod-Berlin Order of Suvorov Motor Rifle Division, formerly of the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. The 94th Guards Rifle Division was formed on 23 April 1943 in the eastern Ukraine with the consolidation of the 14th Guards and 96th Rifle Brigades. It took part in the liberation offensives in the southern Ukraine through the remainder of 1943 and into 1944 as part of the 5th Shock Army. It remained with the Army through the remainder of the war and ended in the streets of Berlin. Post-war, it remained with the 5th Shock Army for a period, then transferring to the 3rd Army. In 1957, it was one of the few Rifle Divisions to be reorganized into a Motor Rifle Division and still retain its original number. In the mid-1980s, it was transferred to the 2nd Guards Tank Army, where it remained until withdrawn from Germany in 1991.

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74th Motor Rifle Brigade - Reorganisation Into A Brigade
... in Yurga (near Tomsk) in the Siberian Military District, it was reorganized into the 74th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade, where it remains today ... Other units also became part of the 74th Motor Rifle Brigade including a guards engineering battalion and the 386th Tank Regiment ... By 30 December 1994 Warfare.ru says the brigade was in Chechnya in reserve 3000+persons, 45 tanks, 115 BMP ...

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