46 Leonis Minoris

46 Leonis Minoris (46 LMi) is the brightest star in the constellation Leo Minor. It is sometimes known as "o LMi" (not "ο LMi"), from Bode's catalogue of 1801. It was presumably intended to be designated α, as Francis Baily decided to letter each star brighter than magnitude 4.5, but the designation was missing from his catalogue, even though the dimmer β was included.

It has the proper name Praecipua, the Latin "the Chief (Star of Leo Minor)". The name may originally have referred to 37 Leonis Minoris, and later mistransfered to this star.

It is known as 勢四, "the Fourth (Star) of the Eunuch", in traditional Chinese astronomy.

46 LMi has spectral class K0+III-IV and is of magnitude 3.83. Its distance from Earth is approximately 95 light years.