42 Draconis - Pole Star

Pole Star

42 Draconis is presently the northern pole star of Venus.

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Hamlet's Mill - Background
... a myth of a heavenly mill which rotates around the pole star, and grinds out the world's salt and soil, and is associated with the maelstrom ... falling off its frame represents the passing of one age's pole star (symbolized by a ruler or king of some sort), and its restoration and the overthrow of the old ...
Serpent Mound - Purpose - Astronomical Significance
... may have been designed in accord with the pattern of stars composing the constellation Draco ... The star pattern of the constellation Draco fits with fair precision to the Serpent Mound, with the ancient Pole Star, Thuban (α Draconis), at its geographical center within the first of seven coils from the ... Draco, through the backward motion of precessionary circle of the ecliptic when Thuban was the Pole Star ...
Dream Pool Essays - Quotes - Astronomy
... On the use of the sighting tube to fix the position of the pole star, Shen Kuo wrote Before Han times it was believed that the pole star was in the center of the sky, so it was called Jixing ... which really does not move was a little more than 1 degree away from the summit star ... I then tried to find the true pole by means of the tube ...
Pole Star - In World Cultures
... In Japan, the Pole Star was represented by Myouken Bosatsu, ja妙見菩薩 ... In the Greek Magical Papyri the Pole star was identified with Set-Typhon, and given authority over the Gods ...

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