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MC Mong joined the cast on episodes 19–20 as the replacement for Kim Jong Min who left due to mandatory military service. MC Mong was the last replacement of the current group. MC Mong's subtitle color is brown. MC Mong has been put on hiatus and did not take part in the filming on September 17, 2010 due to the investigation of his mandatory military service. The producers had made an official announcement that MC Mong's appearance will be deferred until a final judgment has been made and the rest of the five members will continue filming during his absence. Taking into the account of the viewers' feelings and opinions, the episode set to be aired on September 19, 2010 will edit MC Mong's parts as much as possible. This trip will be broadcast in one episode (instead of the usual two episode). They had already started editing MC Mong's parts since the September 12, 2010 episode. It has been confirmed in December 2010 that he has been banned from KBS.

List of nicknames
Nickname Comments

Wild Monkey (야생원숭이)

This was MC Mong's first nickname on 1 Night 2 Days. Before he even joined the show, he was already nicknamed and being called a "wild monkey" because of his appearance and actions.

MBC Mong (MBC몽)

He was called this by an elderly.

Mung-ee (멍이)

MC Mong was given this name when the group visited a group of grandmothers. The grandmother paired with MC Mong could not pronounce his name and kept calling him Mung-ee instead.

Mong Geum-ee (Mong Jang Geum) (몽금이(몽장금))

He has been called "Mong Geum-ee" for his great cooking skills like Seo Jang Geum in the drama Dae Jang Geum.

Yiseop (이섭) (translates to "second disappointing brother")

MC Mong was given this name for his brotherhood in term of answering the quiz wrongly with Eun Ji Won, which called Ilseop (First Disappointing brother)

Moron (멍충이)

Golden Monkey (황금원숭이)



MC Mong's elementary school nickname.


Trash bag (쓰레기 봉지)

까나리 증후군

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