2010 South Asian Games

The 2010 South Asian Games, officially the XI South Asian Games, was a major multi-sport event that took place from January 29 to February 8, 2010 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This was the third time that the Bangladeshi capital hosted the Games, thus becoming the first city to hold the games three times.

Roughly 2000 athletes from 8 countries competed at the Games in 23 different sports. The sporting giant of the region, India continued its dominance in the game's medal tally with a staggering 175 medals including 90 gold medals. Pakistan narrowly beat the host country in Gold medals count with 19 gold, while the host Bangladesh captured 18 golds including the regions most popular and prestigious Football and Cricket titles. Bangladesh, however, earned second spot in total medal count beating out Pakistan. Sri Lanka’s Shehan Abeypitiya becomes the fastest man while Pakistan’s Naseem Hamid was crowned the fastest woman of the region winning 100 meter sprint.

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