2007–08 EHF Champions League - Group Matches - Group H

Group H

Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD
1. SC Pick Szeged 12 6 6 0 0 192 134 +58
2. RK Gorenje Velenje 8 6 4 0 2 173 169 +4
3. HC Bosna Sarajevo 2 6 1 0 5 152 186 -34
4. HC Meshkov Brest 2 6 1 0 5 154 182 -28
September 30, 2007
HC Bosna Sarajevo 28–20 HC Meshkov Brest
October 3, 2007
RK Gorenje Velenje 17–29 SC Pick Szeged
October 5, 2007
HC Meshkov Brest 30–36 RK Gorenje Velenje
October 7, 2007
SC Pick Szeged 39–24 HC Bosna Sarajevo
October 13, 2007
HC Meshkov Brest 22–24 SC Pick Szeged
October 14, 2007
RK Gorenje Velenje 30–27 HC Bosna Sarajevo
November 10, 2007
RK Gorenje Velenje 37–28 HC Meshkov Brest
November 11, 2007
HC Bosna Sarajevo 24–37 SC Pick Szeged
November 17, 2007
SC Pick Szeged 30–23 RK Gorenje Velenje
HC Meshkov Brest 30–24 HC Bosna Sarajevo
November 24, 2007
SC Pick Szeged 33–24 HC Meshkov Brest
November 25, 2007
HC Bosna Sarajevo 25–30 RK Gorenje Velenje

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