2006–07 Slovak Cup - First Round - West


August 1st, 2006
FK Rača 1-1 Slovan Bratislava II (Slovan Bratislava II won 2-4 on penalties)
FKS Nemšová 2-1 MFK Vrbové
Spartak Trnava II 3-0 ŠKP Dúbravka Bratislava
ŠK VEGUM Dolné Vestenice 1-2 ŠK Eldus Močenok
AFC Nové Mesto nad Váhom 1-2 SFM Senec
Spartak Vráble 2-2 Artmedia Bratislava II (Spartak Vráble won 3-0 on penalties)
Slovan Duslo Šaľa 5-2 DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda
Matador Púchov 0-0 FC Nitra II (Matador Púchov won 5-4 on penalties)

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