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Unlike both the DC and Marvel Universes the stories within the 2000 AD universe are largely not part of a multiverse but exist on a timeline:

c. 13.7 billion years BC
  • The Big Bang.
c. 200 million years BC
  • Big Hungry, a male Nothosaurus, terrorizes Atlantis, a Trans-Time station operating in the Triassic Period.
c. 65 million years BC
  • Old One Eye, a female Tyrannosaurus, survives an attack by her son Satanus, killing him in the process.
  • Disaster strikes as Flesh Base 3, a Trans-Time station operating in the late Cretaceous Period, is overrun by dinosaurs and other localized creatures.
  • Thoth, son of the alien warlock Nemesis, releases the Satanus clone into the wild.
c. 20,000 years BC
  • Earl Regan, an employee of Trans-Time Incorporated, helps thwart terrorist activity in the Quaternary Period.
793 Common Era
  • Wulf Sternhammer, a Viking marauder, assists Search/Destroy Agent Johnny Alpha in capturing the Max Bubba gang.
Late 15th century
  • Tomás de Torquemada, Grand Inquisitor of Spain, encounters his descendant from the far future, Torquemada. To avenge the murder of his own children by Nemesis, the Grand Master of Termight kills Thoth.
  • German Führer Adolf Hitler is detained by Search/Destroy agents Johnny Alpha and Wulf Sternhammer.
Late 1970s – late 1980s
  • A reality breakdown occurs.
  • The Scottish oil boom.
  • U.S. President Ronald Reagan, having been kidnapped by Kaiakos-K guerrillas, is rescued by Search/Destroy agents Johnny Alpha and Durham Red.
  • A nuclear accident melts the Arctic Ice Cap, submerging Southern England.
  • The Volgan occupation of Britain begins. The Royal Family, among it King Charles III, is evacuated to Canada.
  • Construction begins of the Trans-Atlantic Tunnel.
  • Mr. Moonie begins his exploration of the Moon.
  • Chief Judge Fargo creates his elite force of street judges to bring instant justice to America, without due process.
c. 2040s
  • Satanus, the first dinosaur to be cloned from surviving Tyrannosaurus DNA, hatches from a surrogate alligator egg.
  • Aeroball, a combination of football, kung fu, and basketball, is increasingly one of the world's most popular sports.
  • John 'Giant' Clay is born.
c. 2050s
  • Golgotha, son of Satanus, hatches.
Mid 21st century
  • Mek-troops start replacing human combatants.
  • The Triumvirate, comprising Mega-Cities One, Two, and Three, signs the Lunar Treaty.
Mid 21st century
  • The Volgan conflict ends.
  • A select squad of mek-troops, led by veteran war droid Hammerstein, is sent to Mars.
  • The first dinosaur park opens in Colorado. Satanus, its star attraction, goes on a killing rampage.
  • The first batch of accelerated cloned births, taken from reverend justices, is born. Rico and Joe Dredd, cloned from Chief Judge Eustace Fargo, are among those born as five-year old children to expedite their enrollment at the Academy of Law.
  • U.S. President Robert L. ('Smooth') Booth initiates the Atomic Wars. International laser defense systems prevent direct nuclear attack on the majority of megalopolized areas throughout the world. The peoples of the United States of America depose President Booth and petition the Judges to assume full administration of the country. President Booth is placed in suspended animation by order of an emergency Grand Council of Judges. Mek-troops still loyal to the National Executive, among them veteran war droid Hammerstein, engage in a battle of supremacy with the National Judiciary.
  • The mek-troops comprising Booth's Presidential Guard are defeated by the Judges in the Battle of Armageddon.
c. 2070s
  • The Hiroshima Accord is settled by Mega-Cities One, Two, and Three of North America; Brit-Cit, East-Megs One and Two, and Hondo City of Eurasia; New Jerusalem and Simba City of Pan-Africa; Sydney–Melbourne Conurbation and Friendly City of Oceania; and the Arctic Sector of Laurasia.
  • Chief Judge Fargo, despite strong opposition from Council member Morton Judd, vetoes against eugenics proposals for population control.
  • Having made it through the preliminary rounds of the World Aeroball Championship, the Harlem Heroes' team bus crashes, killing all but four players. Louis Mayer, his brain alone surviving the tragedy, convinces his three fellow survivors, 'Slim', 'Hairy', and team captain John 'Giant' Clay that they can still win the championship title.
  • The Harlem Heroes reforms as the Harlem Hellcats, contesting an Inferno tournament, one of a rising tide of legalized death sports.
  • Hammerstein, an off-line war droid loyal to the National Executive, is reactivated in the Cursed Earth. Resolving to find new purpose now that he is no longer at war with the Judges, Hammerstein enters Mega-City One.
  • Rico and Joe Dredd graduate with honors as full-eagle Judges two years early.
  • Rico Dredd, found guilty of corruption, is sentenced by his brother Joe to twenty years penal servitude on the Judges' Titan prison colony.
  • Ro-Busters (Disasters) Limited goes into liquidation.
  • Cassandra Anderson is born.
Late 21st century
  • Civil war breaks out between Mega-Cities One and Three.
Judge Dredd – first appearance: Prog 2
  • Judge Dredd was 2000 AD's first venture into shared universe territory by way of its introduction of Judge Giant senior, the son of former aeroball star John 'Giant' Clay. Cadet Giant graduates from the Academy of Law.
  • The people of Mega-City One honor the Judges by unveiling the towering Statue of Judgement.
  • A robot rebellion led by Call-Me-Kenneth, The Robot Wars, brings large-scale destruction to Mega-City One before finally being quelled by the Judges.
  • Rico Dredd, returning from his penal servitude on Titan, is killed during a showdown with his brother Joe.
  • A deadly plague threatens the very existence of Mega-City Two. A mission led by Judge Dredd to carry the antidote across the Cursed Earth from Mega-City One is successful. During the expedition, Dredd encounters the Satanus clone and releases the former U.S. President Robert L. Booth from suspended animation allowing him to join a local Cursed Earth farming community.
  • A defunct war droid excavated from the Cursed Earth reactivates and terrorizes the Andy Warhol Block in Mega-City One.
  • Judge Giant is killed by Orlok, a Soviet assassin.
  • Supreme Judge Bulgarin of East-Meg One initiates the Apocalypse War, devastating over two thirds of Mega-City One. Ultimately, the invaders are repelled but Chief Judge Griffin is killed during the conflict. Judge McGruder, head of the SJS, is appointed as successor.
  • The illegitimate son of Judge Giant and Adelle Dormer is inducted into the Academy of Law.
  • Mega-City One's Tek-Division develops Proteus, its first operational time machine.
  • Trekmaster Lucas Rudd leads twenty-eight radwagons through the Cursed Earth to the New Territories. Of the one hundred and eleven helltrekkers who set out from Mega-City One barely more than thirty survive the twelve-day journey.
  • A terrorist faction naming itself after the Harlem Heroes escapes from its subterranean penal colony.
  • Jug MacKenzie wins Supersuf 10, the first legal World Skyboarding Championship.
  • Judge Death takes control of Mega-City One and kills 60 million people.
  • Sabbat, a necromagus from the year 2178, raises a vast army of zombies worldwide. A select group of international Judges, assisted by Search/Destroy agent Johnny Alpha, unites in defeating him although a number of megalopolized areas, including Mega-City Two, are destroyed in the process.
  • Second Robot War in Mega-City One.
  • John 'Giant' Clay dies.
2180 – mid-2180s
Strontium Dog – first appearance: Starzine 1 (StarLord)/Prog 86 (2000 AD)
  • Durham Red : – a spin-off from Strontium Dog. First appearance of series: Prog 762
23rd century
  • Trans-Time Incorporated are in operation harvesting dinosaurs from 65 million years BC.
Rogue Trooper – first appearance: Prog 228
  • Unlike most standalone strips that now form part of 2000 AD's shared universe, Strontium Dog and Rogue Trooper are late inclusions. In both cases, the main characters of these two strips have made their shared universe début in Judge Dredd.
the far future
Durham Red (later series) – first appearance in far future: Prog 1078
the far future
Comic Rock – first appearance: Prog 167
the far future
Nemesis the Warlock – first appearance: Prog 222
the far future/21st century
ABC Warriors – first appearance: Prog 555
  • Nemesis the Warlock is a continuation of Comic Rock that features cameos by Ro-Jaws, Hammerstein, and Mek-Quake. Nemesis later reforms the ABC Warriors as a time-traveling unit.

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