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Parallel Universes

As well as the above timeline tying together a lot of the stories in 2000 AD, other parallel universes are known to co-exist alongside the main one, and some of them have intruded into it. Most famously in Dredd, this has happened with Judge Death and the Dark Judges, coming from a reality where life is a crime. The aforementioned "Helter Skelter" had a wide range of deceased villains coming from alternate dimensions where they had won, and "Rehab" (prog 1644-8) featured an incursion from a utopian Earth where the Judges are pacifists focused on rehabilitation.

Since 2003, Sinister Dexter has been running a storyline where criminals from a parallel Earth, led by "Holy" Moses Tanenbaum (dead in the main universe), have been trying to take over the city of Downlode in the main universe. When the other Earth was shown, it was revealed a major reason for the move was that China ("the ChiComs") were winning a war against Russia and rapidly advancing towards Downlode.

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