1999 Pacific Hurricane Season

The 1999 Pacific hurricane season was a well below-average Pacific hurricane season with nine developing tropical cyclones recorded. The season officially began on May 15 in the Eastern Pacific, and on June 1 in the Central Pacific, and ended on November 30; these dates conventionally delimit the period during which most tropical cyclones form in the northeastern Pacific basin. The first tropical cyclone of the season, Hurricane Adrian, developed on June 18, while the final storm of the season, Tropical Storm Irwin, dissipated on October 11. No storms developed in the Central Pacific during the season. However, two storms from the Eastern Pacific, Dora and Eugene, entered the basin, with the former entering as a hurricane.

The season produced fourteen tropical cyclones and nine named storms, which was well below the average of sixteen named storms per season. However, the total of six hurricanes and two major hurricanes during the season was near the averages of eight and three, respectively.

The deadliest tropical cyclone of the year was Hurricane Greg which killed ten people when it made landfall on southern Baja California in early September. The precursor to the hurricane produced heavy rainfall to much of Mexico, with the highest total amounting to 22.23 in (566.9 mm). The heavy rains damaged or destroyed more than 2000 homes, and Greg also produced heavy surf that led to beach erosion. The remnant moisture from the system, in combination with an area of low pressure, resulted in strong thunderstorms across California, which led to numerous power outages, damage to homes and vehicles, and many wildfires. In addition to Greg, Hurricane Adrian affected the same general area earlier in the hurricane season, producing heavy rainfall and causing six deaths. Hurricane Dora was the most intense hurricane during the year, with a peak intensity of 145 mph (220 km/h), equivalent to Category 4 hurricane status on the Saffir–Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. With a total track length of 6,500 mi (10,500 km), Dora had the second longest track of a Pacific hurricane on record, behind only Hurricane John in the 1994 season. The storm brought minor impacts to the island of Hawaii; however, no deaths or damage was reported.

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