1997 Rebellion in Albania - Gangs


Taking advantage of difficult situations, criminal groups were armed and in an unexpected way were placed in charge of rebellion and took control of entire cities. Most had been imprisoned in the main prisons in Greece, and suddenly were able to escape, to come to Albania. The most famous is that of Zani Caushi, who escaped from a high security prison of Larissa, in February 1997 and established in Vlora, the gang of Coles, with a group of friends. The rule of gangs was terrifying. Typical cases remain Vlora, Berat and Lushnja. In Vlora 5 gangs were created, but 2 were those who ruled the city: the gang of Zani and the gang of Gaxhai. Movement in the city started at 10:00, when Flag's Square people gathered to hear the Committee of Rescue, and ended at 13:00. After that hour the streets were deserted and the only ones that moved were gangs. Gangs announced through speakers, fliers and other people not to go out as there would be fighting. Each night had attempted attacks with explosives and numerous shots in the air, along with dozens of dead. In Berat, Altin Dardha's rule was even more severe. In Lushnje, Aldo Bare's gang had control. The worst crime this gang did was to behead an opponent and walk around the city. Cities ruled by gangs were: Vlora, Berat, Tepelena, Memaliaj, Ballshi, Saranda, Gjirokastra, Lushnja, Pogradec, Cerrik, Tropoja.

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