1994 in Spaceflight - EVAs


Start Date/Time Duration End Time Spacecraft Crew Remarks
9 September
5 hours
4 minutes
12:06 Mir EO-16
Yuri Malenchenko
Talgat Musabayev
Inspected a docking port on Kvant-1 for damage from a recent Progress and repaired a thermal blanket on Soyuz TM-19.
13 September
6 hours
1 minute
12:32 Mir EO-16
Yuri Malenchenko
Talgat Musabayev
Continued construction work in preparation of moving solar arrays from the Kristall module to the Kvant-2 module.
16 September
6 hours
51 minutes
21:33 STS-64
Mark C. Lee
Carl J. Meade
Untethered tests of SAFER EVA rescue device.

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