1989 All-Pro Team - Defense


Position First Team Second Team
Defensive end Chris Doleman, Minnesota Vikings (AP, NEA, PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Reggie White, Philadelphia Eagles (AP, NEA, PFWA, PFW)
Lee Williams, San Diego Chargers (TSN)
Bruce Smith, Buffalo Bills (AP-2, NEA-2)
Howie Long, Los Angeles Raiders (NEA-2)
Lee Williams, San Diego Chargers (AP-2)
Defensive tackle Keith Millard, Minnesota Vikings (AP, NEA, PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Michael Dean Perry, Cleveland Browns (AP, NEA, PFWA, TSN)
Jerry Ball, Detroit Lions (PFW)
Ray Childress, Houston Oilers (AP-2)
Tony Casillas, Atlanta Falcons (AP-2)
Jerry Ball, Detroit Lions (NEA-2)
Middle linebacker Karl Mecklenburg, Denver Broncos (AP, NEA, PFWA, PFW)
Mike Singletary, Chicago Bears (AP, PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Vaughan Johnson, New Orleans Saints (NEA)
Eugene Lockhart, Dallas Cowboys (TSN)
Billy Ray Smith, San Diego Chargers (NEA-2)
Mike Walter, San Francisco 49ers (NEA-2)
Vaughan Johnson, New Orleans Saints (AP-2)
Eugene Lockhart, Dallas Cowboys (AP-2)
Outside linebacker Tim Harris, Green Bay Packers (AP, NEA, PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Lawrence Taylor, New York Giants (AP, PFWA, PFW)
Kevin Greene, Los Angeles Rams (NEA, TSN)
Pat Swilling, New Orleans Saints, (AP-2, NEA-2)
Lawrence Taylor, New York Giants (NEA-2)
Kevin Greene, Los Angeles Rams (AP-2)
Cornerback Albert Lewis, Kansas City Chiefs (AP, NEA, PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Eric Allen, Philadelphia Eagles (AP, PFW)
Mark Collins, New York Giants (NEA)
Jerry Gray, Los Angeles Rams (PFWA)
Gill Byrd, San Diego Chargers (TSN)
Frank Minnifield, Cleveland Browns (AP-2, NEA-2)
Jerry Gray, Los Angeles Rams (AP-2)
Eric Allen, Philadelphia Eagles (NEA-2)
Safety David Fulcher, Cincinnati Bengals (AP, PFWA, PFW, TSN)
Ronnie Lott, San Francisco 49ers (AP, PFWA, PFW)
Joey Browner, Minnesota Vikings (NEA)
Tim McDonald, Phoenix Cardinals (NEA)
Harry Hamilton, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (TSN)
Erik McMillan, New York Jets (NEA-2)
Dennis Smith, Denver Broncos (AP-2)
David Fulcher, Cincinnati Bengals (NEA-2)
Joey Browner, Minnesota Vikings (AP-2)

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