1975 Wimbledon Championships – Men's Singles - Seeds


The seeded players are listed below. Arthur Ashe is the champion; others show the round in which they were eliminated.

  1. Jimmy Connors (Finalist)
  2. Ken Rosewall (Fourth round)
  3. Björn Borg (Quarterfinalist)
  4. Guillermo Vilas (Quarterfinalist)
  5. Ilie Năstase (Second round)
  6. Arthur Ashe (Champion)
  7. Stan Smith (First round)
  8. Raúl Ramírez (Quarterfinalist)
  1. Tom Okker (Quarterfinalist)
  2. John Alexander (Second round)
  3. Roscoe Tanner (Semifinalist)
  4. Jan Kodeš (Second round)
  5. Marty Riessen (Fourth round)
  6. Vitas Gerulaitis (First round)
  7. Onny Parun (Third round)
  8. Tony Roche (Semifinalist)

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