1975 Pacific Hurricane Season

The 1975 Pacific hurricane season officially started May 15, 1975 in the eastern Pacific, and June 1, 1975 in the central Pacific, and lasted until November 30, 1975. These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones form in the northeast Pacific Ocean.

The 1975 Pacific hurricane season was near average, with 17 tropical storms forming. Of these, 9 became hurricanes, and 4 became major hurricanes by reaching Category 3 or higher on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale. The only notable storms are Hurricane Olivia, which killed 30 people, caused $30 million (1975 USD) in damage, and left thousands homeless when it made landfall in October; and an unnamed hurricane that developed at very high latitude, but had no effect on land. Hurricane Denise was the strongest storm of the year. Hurricanes Lily and Katrina passed close to Socorro Island and Tropical Storm Elanor made landfall in Mexico. Hurricane Agatha sunk a ship.

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1975 Pacific Hurricane Season - 1975 Storm Names
... These names were used for storms in 1975 ... It is the same list used in the 1971 season ... Terry (unused) Veronica (unused) Winifred (unused) The central Pacific used names and numbers from the west Pacific's naming list ...

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