1971 World Championship Tennis Finals – Singles - Draw - Key


  • Q = Qualifier
  • WC = Wild Card
  • LL = Lucky Loser
  • Alt = Alternate
  • SE = Special Exempt
  • PR = Protected Ranking
  • w/o = Walkover
  • r = Retired
  • d = Defaulted

Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
1 Tom Okker 6 6 6
7 Marty Riessen 3 3 0
1 Tom Okker 3 3 1
3 Ken Rosewall 6 6 6
3 Ken Rosewall 7 6 5 6
6 John Newcombe 5 2 7 3
3 Ken Rosewall 6 1 77 77
2 Rod Laver 4 6 63 64
5 Arthur Ashe 4 7 6 6
4 Cliff Drysdale 6 6 4 3
5 Arthur Ashe 3 6 3 3
2 Rod Laver 6 1 6 6
8 Robert Lutz 3 4 4
2 Rod Laver 6 6 6

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