1969 French Open – Men's Singles - Seeds


The seeded players are listed below. Rod Laver is the champion; others show the round in which they were eliminated.

  1. Rod Laver, (Champion)
  2. Tony Roche, (Semifinals)
  3. Ken Rosewall, (Finals)
  4. John Newcombe, (Quarterfinals)
  5. Tom Okker, (Semifinals)
  6. Arthur Ashe, (Fourth Round)
  7. Roy Emerson, (Fourth Round)
  8. Andrés Gimeno, (Quarterfinals)
  1. Manuel Santana, (Fourth Round)
  2. Željko Franulović, (Quarterfinals)
  3. Marty Riessen, (Second Round)
  4. Ismail El Shafei, (Third Round)
  5. Jan Kodeš, (Fourth Round)
  6. Bob Hewitt, (Third Round)
  7. Earl Butch Buchholz, (Second Round)
  8. Stan Smith, (Fourth Round)

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