1967 Kansas City Athletics Season - Relocation


  • May 7, 1967: The New York Times and New York Daily News reported that the Athletics were prepared to relocate to Oakland, California.
  • July 1967: The Sporting News reported that the Athletics had reached an agreement to relocate to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Athletics had obtained pledges for television and radio broadcasting rights with the sponsorship of Schlitz Brewery. The proposed move would require the support of seven of the ten American League owners. The league only had five votes in favour of the proposed relocation.
  • August 1, 1967: The Governor of Washington State Dan Evans, and mayor of Seattle, J.D. Braman spoke to Finley on the phone to discuss the relocation of the team to Seattle. Finley had met with city officials on August 7 to discuss a possible relocation.
  • In September 1967, Finley had sent a telegram to city manager Carleton Sharpe, advising that the Athletics would leave Kansas City for Oakland.
  • October 18, 1967: City officials from Kansas City, Oakland and Seattle were invited by Joe Cronin to discuss the A’s relocation plans. United States Senator Stuart Symington attended the meeting and discussed the possibility of revoking baseball’s antitrust exemption if the A’s were allowed to leave Kansas City. The owners began deliberation and after the first ballot, only six owners were in favour of relocation. The owner of Baltimore voted against, while the ownership for Cleveland, New York and Washington had abstained. In the second ballot, the New York Yankees voted in favour of the Athletics relocation to Oakland. To appease all interested parties, the Athletics announced that MLB would expand to Kansas City and Seattle no later than the 1971 MLB season.

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