1963 Pacific Typhoon Season - Storms - Tropical Storm Nina

Tropical Storm Nina

Tropical storm (SSHS)
Duration October 18 – October 19
Peak intensity 75 km/h (45 mph), Unknown

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Tropical Storm Nina

The name Nina has been used for thirteen typhoons in the northwest Pacific Ocean, one tropical cyclone in the northeast Pacific Ocean, and one tropical cyclone in the southwest Pacific.

Twelve typhoons have been named Nina. In addition, one hurricane in the Central Pacific was given this name because the policy at the time was to use typhoon names in the Central Pacific.

  • 1953's Super Typhoon Nina (T5307) made landfall in China
  • 1957's Hurricane Nina Category 1 hurricane.
  • 1960's Typhoon Nina (T6025, 51W) never made landfall.
  • 1963's Tropical Storm Nina - minor storm.
  • 1966's Typhoon Nina (T6607, 07W) was a Category 1 tropical cyclone
  • 1968's Typhoon Nina (T6826, 31W, Seniang) crossed the Philippines.
  • 1972's Tropical Storm Nina (T7204, 05W) minor storm.
  • 1975's Super Typhoon Nina (T7503, 04W, Bebeng) struck Taiwan. Contributed to the collapse of the Banqiao Dam in central China, killing around 200,000.
  • 1978's Tropical Storm Nina (T7823, 24W) minor storm.
  • 1981's Tropical Storm Nina (T8109, 09W, Ibiang) minor storm.
  • 1984's Tropical Storm Nina (T8415, 18W) minor storm.
  • 1987's Typhoon Nina (T8722, 22W, Sisang) crossed the Philippines as a major typhoon.
  • 1992's Tropical Storm Nina (T9213, 14W) minor storm.
  • 1995's Tropical Storm Nina (T9511, 15W, Helming) minor storm.

PAGASA Naming The Following Typhoons were named Nina by PAGASA

  • 2003's Typhoon Krovanh (T0312, 12W, Niña)
  • 2004's Typhoon Songda (T0418, 22W, Nina)
  • 2008's Typhoon Hagupit (T0814, 18W, Nina) - struck China, killing 67 and causing 1 billion in damage.
  • 2012's Typhoon Prapiroon (T1221, 22W, Nina)

Southwest Pacific:

  • 1992's Cyclone Nina category 3 storm, crossed Oceania.

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