18th Street Expressway Bridge

The 18th Street Expressway Bridge is a one level deck truss, four lane crossing of the Kansas River in Kansas City, Kansas. It was built in 1959, to replace the Argentine Bridge to the west. It also rises above the BNSF railroad tracks. It was damaged in 2000, after a BNSF train derailed and destroyed one of the piers, which caused the south approach span to buckle, and disabled it for several months while it was being repaired.

The bridge has no significant shoulder (breakdown lane) and no pedestrian walkway.

Crossings of the Kansas River
Argentine Bridge
18th Street Expressway Bridge
12th Street Bridge

Coordinates: 39°4′38″N 94°38′59″W / 39.07722°N 94.64972°W / 39.07722; -94.64972

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