16th Reconnaissance Squadron - Lineage


16th Aero Squadron

  • Organized as 3d Aviation School Squadron on 9 May 1917
Redesignated 16th Aero Squadron (Construction) on 31 Aug 1917
Redesignated 16th Aero Squadron (Repair) 1918
Demobilized on 22 May 1919
  • Reconstituted and consolidated with 16th Observation Squadron as 16th Observation Squadron on 8 April 1924

16th Reconnaissance Squadron

  • Authorized as 16th Squadron (Observation) on 30 August 1921
Organized on 7 Dec 1921
Redesignated 16th Observation Squadron (Corps and Army) on 25 Jan 1923
  • Consolidated with 16th Aero Squadron on 8 April 1924
Inactivated on 15 Mar 1931
  • Flights remained active:
A Flight at Langley Field, Virginia (attached to Air Corps Tactical School)
B Flight at Lawson Field, Georgia (attached to Infantry School)
C Flight at Pope Field, North Carolina
D Flight at Marshall Field, Kansas (attached to Command and General Staff School)
E Flight at Post Field, Oklahoma (attached to Field Artillery School)
  • Activated on 1 Jun 1937
Redesignated 16th Observation Squadron (Medium) on 13 Jan 1942
Redesignated 16th Observation Squadron on 4 Jul 1942
Redesignated 16th Reconnaissance Squadron (Bomber) on 31 May 1943
Redesignated 16th Reconnaissance Squadron, Heavy (Special) on 12 May 1944
Disbanded on 12 Apr 1945
  • Reconstituted on 19 September 1985 and consolidated with 16th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron as 16th Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron

16th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron

  • Constituted as 16th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron (Special) 1947
Activated on 16 December 1947
Inactivated on 1 June 1949
  • Consolidated on 19 September 1985 with 16th Reconnaissance Squadron as 16th Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron

16th Electronic Warfare Squadron

  • Formed on 19 September 1985 by consolidation of 16th Reconnaissance Squadron and 16th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron
  • Redesignated 16th Test Squadron
Activated on 15 April 1993.
Redesignated 16th Electronic Warfare Squadron unknown

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