16th Arrondissement of Paris - Marcel Petiot

Marcel Petiot

A notorious serial murder case, which generated an international media circus, centered in the 16th arrondissement during the Nazi occupation of France during World War II. The focal point of the case was French doctor Marcel Petiot, who in 1941 bought a house at 21 Rue le Sueur in "the heart of Paris's fashionable 16th arrondissement". On 11 March 1944, Petiot's neighbors complained to police of a foul stench in the area and of large amounts of smoke billowing from a chimney of the house. Fearing a chimney fire, the police summoned firemen, who entered the house and found a roaring fire in a coal stove in the basement. In the fire, and scattered in the basement, were human remains. Following an investigation, during which time Petiot attempted to evade capture, "the monster of rue Le Sueur" was ultimately arrested and went on trial on 19 March 1946, facing 135 criminal charges. He was convicted of 26 counts of murder and sentenced to death. On 25 May, Petiot was beheaded, after a stay of several days due to a problem in the release mechanism of the guillotine.

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