1650–1700 in Fashion - Working Class Clothing

Working Class Clothing

  • Dutch fish seller and housewife, 1661

  • Dutch schoolmaster and children, 1662

  • Checking for lice, 1662

  • Dutch villagers, 1673

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1300–1400 In Fashion - Working Class Clothing
... century manuscript of Tacuinum Sanitatis, a treatise on healthful living, show the clothing of working people men wear short or knee-length tunics and ... Women tuck their gowns up when working ...

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    No change in musical style will survive unless it is accompanied by a change in clothing style. Rock is to dress up to.
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    I am a working woman. I take care of a home. I hold down a job. I am nuts.
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    Each class of society has its own requirements; but it may be said that every class teaches the one immediately below it; and if the highest class be ignorant, uneducated, loving display, luxuriousness, and idle, the same spirit will prevail in humbler life.
    —First published in Girls’ Home Companion (1895)