132 Battery (The Bengal Rocket Troop) Royal Artillery

132 Battery (The Bengal Rocket Troop) Royal Artillery are an MLRS Battery, that is part of the Royal Artillery. Its name is pronounced "one three two" or is known as "The Bengals", The battery is one of the sub-units of 39th Regiment Royal Artillery, part of the British Army. It was formed in 1816. Its based in Albermarle Barracks in Northumberland

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132 Battery (The Bengal Rocket Troop) Royal Artillery - History - Post Cold War
... 1990 - The Battery reverted to their original role in September, when they were equipped with the American M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System and within five months saw active service in the Gulf War. 1993 and 1996 - 132 Battery served with 39 Regiment as part of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus having moved with the Regiment from Germany to Albemarle Barracks, Newcastle in August 1995 ...

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