113 Series - Livery Variations

Livery Variations

  • Shōnan livery

  • "Suka" livery

  • Hanwa "Blue Liner" livery

  • Kasuga livery

  • (Old) Fukuchiyama Line livery (113-800 series)

  • Fukuchiyama "wanman" livery (113-3800 series)

  • Sagano "wanman" livery (113-5300 series)

  • Kisei Main Line livery (113-2000 series)

  • JR West refurbished livery

  • Hiroshima refurbished livery

  • Kyōto and Kitakinki area livery

  • Shikoku livery trainset 1

  • Shikoku livery trainset 2

  • Shikoku livery trainset 3

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... EF64 35 Repainted into white/blue Euroliner livery in August 1990 ... EF64 66 Repainted into white/blue Euroliner livery in August 1985 for use with the 12 series Euroliner Joyful Train set ... This was the first EF64 to receive a livery other than standard blue ...
DB Class ETA 150 - Variants - Livery Variations
... The twin-car sets were delivered in a wine-red livery ... and peppermint green - and ran in this livery on the Nokia Railway (today the Glückauf Railway) from Bochum Hbf to Gelsenkirchen Hbf ...

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